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But please bear with us if we don’t respond immediately to your enquiry.

We wanted to tell you more about what YKC surgeons have been doing during the coronavirus outbreak, and how that might affect any consultation or treatment you need.

Supporting the NHS

For the past few weeks, Yorkshire Knee Clinic knee specialists have temporarily returned full time to the NHS. This isn’t new territory for us. Although YKC is a private orthopaedic clinic, each week you would, until recently, have found all of us dividing our time between private practice and NHS care.

As the current crisis has escalated, however, our NHS involvement has grown. We have been managing and assisting local emergency departments, helping to reduce their workloads. As many staff have been transferred to care for COVID-19 patients we have increased our role as trauma consultants and doctors and will continue to operate in this way until coronavirus staff return to ‘regular’ duties.

I have knee pain – will you still see me?

Yes, although we’re not holding in-person consultations at present. We are, however, holding phone or video consultations and these are working well.

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Given our other duties, please bear with us if we take a little longer than usual to respond to you, but we will be in touch.

Important: If you have unbearable pain (i.e. pain that keeps you awake), if you cannot put weight on your knee or if you feel sick, have a fever or have a large wound, call 111.

When will I be able to see you in person?

We anticipate that, as lockdown eases, we will see a surge in trauma cases and we’ll remain on hand to support the NHS as operations return to something a little closer to normal.

After that, we shall revert to dividing our time between private practice and as trauma and elective consultants for the NHS. Initially, private and NHS consultations may remain remote but hopefully, soon after, face to face consultations, imaging and finally surgical procedures will resume.

My knee operation was postponed because of coronavirus. When will it take place?

The outbreak has seen all elective surgery (such as knee replacements) postponed as private healthcare facilities support the NHS. As you can imagine, that will leave us with a significant backlog which we will be working to clear as soon as facilities are once more made available to us.

If your operation was postposed, you will be offered a new date for surgery as soon as we can in a safe environment. Find the latest position at your local hospital and more on the current situation here.

For more information, or if you want to talk to us about your knee pain/condition, please contact us.

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