Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Treatment for osteoarthritis sufferers

When The Pain Of Knee Wear Wears You Down, Talk To Us

By the time we see many osteoarthritis sufferers, the effects are often pronounced. People who used to regularly run, swim or ski for miles now struggle to walk.

They can’t manage the simple things in life like popping to the shops or walking the dog. They can’t even get a proper night’s sleep.

But it is possible to escape the constant pain of osteoarthritis. In fact, every year, the knee surgeons of Yorkshire Knee Clinic help more people in the UK escape osteoarthritis than almost anyone else.

Osteoarthritis, YKC & You

Osteoarthritis knee treatment

What Is Osteoarthritis?

What does osteoarthritis look like? What are the symptoms? And short of surgery, how do you treat it?

Knee replacement benefits

How Will A Knee Replacement Help Me?

What’s the difference between a total or partial knee replacement? How long will your ‘new knee’ last? And what are the risks?

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Why YKC?

YKC surgeons perform more knee replacements than almost anyone else. Discover why that matters.

Need A Knee Replacement?

Discover what surgery involves, how to make an appointment and how much it costs.


Treatment FAQs

What Will Happen During My Knee Replacement?

The whole journey, from anaesthetic to recovery.

Knee surgery treatment

How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

Will your insurance pay? And do you need a referral?

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What Will The Hospital Be Like?

Having a knee replacement? Take a tour of your hospital

“You’ve Given Me My Life Back”

Yorkshire Knee Clinic patients talk about the difference their knee replacement has made. 

“I think Nick’s a wizard. I’m pretty sure my original knee wasn’t this good!”

Linda Bairstow discusses her partial knee replacement by Nick London

“By 4 weeks I felt my knee was getting there. By 6 weeks it felt back to normal.”

Jon Wilson explains why his half knee replacement by Dave Duffy was a “no brainer”

“Covid-19 or not I’d give [ Jim Newman ] a great big kiss”

Jo-Anne Charalambous is rather pleased with her total knee replacement…


When is a knee replacement not a knee replacement?

When Is A Knee Replacement Not A Knee Replacement?

Despite the name, a knee replacement probably isn’t quite what you think it is. Here’s why.

Knee surgery

Can You Have Two Knees Replaced At The Same Time?

If you have osteoarthritis in both knees, is it better to replace them one at a time, or both together? Jim Newman has the answer.

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