As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, what is the current situation if you’re due to have knee surgery imminently?

At time of writing (30 March) the situation is as follows:

Will coronavirus affect my knee operation?

Private knee operations

We operate from three Yorkshire hospitals:

>  The Duchy Hospital Harrogate

>  Nuffield Hospital Leeds

>  Spire Methley Park Hospital

Each hospital is operating similar, although not identical, procedures during the coronavirus outbreak. To find the latest for your hospital, please use the above links.

>  Find the latest guidance on the virus on the NHS website
>  Follow Public Health England’s Twitter feed for latest guidance

In general

Private hospitals are dedicating much of their resource to the NHS during the outbreak. This means many procedures will be suspended until further notice unless they are clinically urgent. If your procedure is postponed the hospital will contact you.

Even if your procedure is one of the few which may be going ahead, you should not come into hospital if you have a new continuous cough or a fever or high temperature (37.8 degrees centigrade or higher). You should follow NHS guidelines.

If you fall into any of the following categories and your operation is still scheduled to proceed, your hospital will probably contact you. If it doesn’t, please contact the hospital direct before you come into hospital, explain your situation and ask for further instructions.

  • Aged 70 or over; or
  • Have an underlying health condition; or
  • Are pregnant; or
  • Have been offered a flu-jab by the NHS

>  Find the latest guidance on the virus on the NHS website
>  Follow Public Health England’s Twitter feed for latest guidance

NHS knee operations

All NHS trusts will stop all non-urgent surgery by 15 April. In reality, we can expect many hospitals to stop before then.

So, if you are due to have a knee operation on the NHS, your operation will not go ahead if it is due after 15 April. It is unlikely to go ahead if it is scheduled before then. You should receive communication about this but please call ahead to confirm your op is proceeding as planned.

Phone and online consultations

If you need to talk to a specialist about your knee, you still can. Yorkshire Knee Clinic surgeons are running remote consultations throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

>  Find out more here

You can find the latest guidance on the virus on the NHS website and on Public Health England’s Twitter feed.

BMI Duchy Hospital Harrogate

The Duchy Hospital Harrogate

Queens Road, Harrogate, HG2 OHF
Main switchboard: 01423 567136
Out-patient bookings: 0808 101 0337

Nuffield Health Hospital Leeds

Nuffield Hospital Leeds

2 Leighton street, Leeds, LS1 3EB
Main switchboard: 0113 388 2000
Out-patient bookings: 0113 388 2067

Spire Methley Park Hospital Leeds

Spire Methley Park Hospital

Methley Lane, Methley, Leeds, LS26 9HG
Main switchboard: 01977 518518
Out-patient bookings: 01977 518518

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