Investigations & Imaging

MRI scan of knee

Visit Yorkshire Knee Clinic and you will have rapid access to all the imaging techniques we may need to assist with the diagnosis of your knee injury and condition.

Although our knee specialists can diagnose the majority of knee conditions purely from your patient history and thorough examination, imaging is useful for:

  • Supporting and/or clarifying the diagnosis
  • Planning treatment
  • Monitoring your recovery/progress

We are supported by specialist orthopaedic imaging consultants (musculoskeletal radiologists) using the following state-of-the-art imaging techniques:

X-Rays (Plain Radiology)

These can usually be performed immediately and are used to examine the bones of the knee.

In particular they can reveal signs of arthritis, loose bone fragments in the knee, fractures and other more unusual conditions of the bone.

X-ray plain radiology knee investigations

MRI scans (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Ideal for investigating soft tissue injuries such as ligament injuries, cartilage tears and damage to the joint surface cartilage covering.

MRI scans (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasound scans can be useful for investigating superficial (near the skin) knee injuries or conditions.

These include problems affecting the patella or quadriceps tendon and cysts around the knee.

Ultrasound scan knee investigation

CT Scans (Computerised Tomography)

CT scans for knee problems have largely been surpassed by MRI but Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s orthopaedic consultants continue to find them useful where the diagnosis is specifically related to the bone around the knee.

With complex fractures, for example, 3D reconstruction from CT scans is useful for planning surgical reconstruction.

CT scans (Computerised Tomography)

Isotope (Radioactive) Scans

These are less commonly used than the standard imaging investigations but can be useful for investigating stress fractures, painful knee replacements and other uncommon knee conditions.

Other ‘nuclear medicine’ scans are also available with more specific indications.

Isotope (radioactive) scan

Which Scan Do I Need?

Your YKC knee consultant will recommend a scan only when they believe it is valuable and they will always explain why they are recommending a particular scan.

If you have any questions or concerns about the type of imaging recommended by your Yorkshire Knee Clinic specialist, just ask.

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