Yorkshire Knee Clinic Videos

Watch Yorkshire Knee Clinic Videos

It’s much easier to understand what’s really happening inside the knee when you can see it for yourself.

How does the knee work? What does osteoarthritis of the knee look like? What happens during an ACL reconstruction? In these short videos, Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s Dave Duffy explains.

With the help of models and live footage from operations, you’ll gain a much clearer understanding of what’s really going on inside your knee.

Notes for the squeamish: Please read the introduction to each video to find out what material is included in each episode.

Dave Duffy Hamstring Graft Surgery

How to Increase Hamstring Graft Diameter for ACL Reconstruction

Dave Duffy demonstrates a simple technique for producing a hamstring graft suitable for ACL reconstruction.

YKC Video The Basic Anatomy of The Knee

Is my Knee Injury Serious?

If you’ve suffered a sporting knee injury, how do you know if it’s serious enough to warrant specialist attention?

YKC Video The Basic Anatomy of The Knee

The Basic Anatomy Of The Knee

How does the knee work? What does the meniscus do? What happens in an arthritic knee? Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s Dave Duffy explains

Video: How Knee Surgeons Remove Loose Fragments

Loose Knee Fragments

You feel something moving inside your knee, but what’s happening? Discover how surgeons deal with loose & mobile bodies inside the knee

Video: What Is A Cartilage Flap?

What Is a Cartilage Flap?

If cartilage separates from the underlying bone it can cause pain & catching. Discover what happens when damaged cartilage results in a cartilage flap

Video: Watch An ACL Reconstruction

ACL Reconstruction

What really happens during an ACL reconstruction? Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s Dave Duffy takes a camera into the heart of an operation to explain

Video: What Is The ACL?

What is the ACL?

What does the ACL do? What is an ACL injury? How do you treat it? And what happens if you don’t?

Video: A Look At Knee Arthritis

Look At Knee Joint Arthritis

If you have arthritis, you’ll know its painful effects all too well. But what’s actually happening inside the knee? In this video, Dave Duffy explains

Video: What Is A Meniscal Tear?

Treating A Meniscal Tear

What does a torn meniscus really look like? And how do you repair it? Dave Duffy takes a fascinating look at the knee’s shock absorbers

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