Patient Case Studies/Testimonials

Many people have some level of anxiety ahead of their knee operation. Our case studies and testimonials give future patients confidence and reassurance – and help them understand what to expect – from the most reliable sources of all: our past patients.

If you would be willing to talk about your experience, we would be extremely grateful.

  You can leave a short testimonial using this page
  You can ask us to make your comment public or keep it private
  And you can offer to be part of a larger case study by agreeing to a short interview


Note: Saying ‘yes’ doesn’t automatically mean that you will be contacted for an interview. Phone interviews take no more than 30 minutes. Video interviews are by invitation. You will always have the opportunity to change your mind.

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It’s much easier to understand what’s really happening inside the knee when you can see it for yourself

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Anatomy of the Knee

What’s going on inside your knee? Take a tour of the joint’s bones, ligaments, tendons & cartilage

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From knee pain to pain free. Some of our former patients explain their knee treatment experiences with YKC