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What does a knee replacement involve?


How will an ACL injury affect you?


And what will your treatment cost?

In the Yorkshire Knee Clinic Knowledge Hub, we’ve brought together a wealth of information to help you understand your knee injury/condition, and how we’ll treat it.

What is an ACL injury? What happens when you damage your meniscus? How do you treat tendinitis?

If you’ve had a diagnosis, find out more about your condition.

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Anatomy of the Knee

What’s going on inside your knee? Take a tour of the joint’s bones, ligaments, tendons & cartilage

We treat ACL injuries

ACL Injuries

Feel as though your knee may give way? It could be an ACL injury

Our knee specialists can diagnosis osteoarthritis from the typical symptoms of this condition


Living in constant pain can stop you doing the things you love. But we can help

Available treatment for the Joint Surface Problem knee condition

Joint Surface Problems

Injuries to the cartilage or bone can create problems for the joint surface. Explore them here

Meniscal tear knee injury diagnosis & treatment available at Yorkshire Knee Clinic

Meniscal Tears

Symptoms, diagnosis & treatment of tears of the knee's shock absorbers

Patellar mobilization treatment

Patella Problems

Experiencing pain or a feeling of instability? It could be a patella injury

Early knee injury diagnosis & treatment available at Yorkshire Knee Clinic


Adolescent & adult tendinitis & how it's treated

Knee injury muscle & bone trauma

Complex Ligament Injuries

They're quite rare & when they do occur, treatment & rehabilitation is at hand

Knee replacement x-ray

Can I Have A Knee Replacement?

What’s the difference between a total & partial knee replacement? And is either right for you?

Talk to the Yorkshire Knee Clinic specialist surgeons about your knee condition

Keyhole Surgery

What is it? What happens after surgery? And managing your recovery

Has playing sport left you suffering knee pain?

Explore common problems here, then contact us for help.

Treatment for team sports sprains, tears, ACL injuries & cartilage injuries

Team Sports Injuries

Seek a prompt & accurate diagnosis from a specialist knee consultant to ensure the best recovery speed & outcome

Enjoy playing golf again after specialist knee treatment

Golf Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are surprisingly common on the golf course but most respond to simple treatment & rehabilitation

When you've returned home from skiing, get a clear diagnosis from your knee specialist

Skiing Knee Injuries

When you return home, it's important to seek swift diagnosis & treatment​ from your knee specialist

Female ACL injury treatments by specialist knee surgeons Yorkshire Knee Clinic

Female Athletes ACL Injuries

Are women more likely to suffer an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury than men? And what should you do if you suffer a knee injury?

Treatment for overuse & repetitive knee injuries

Overuse Injuries

Treatment for repetitive knee injuries to help you return to your activities

The Yorkshire Knee Clinic specialist surgeons effectively treat children & adolescent knee conditions

Adolescent Knee Injuries

If you’re worried about your child’s knee pain, talk to our knee specialists now

How do you book an appointment? What does physio involve? How much will it cost?

Physiotherapist Working on Patient's Knee


Physiotherapy will play an important part in the treatment of many knee conditions, here's why.

MRI CAT scanning knee & leg

Investigations & Imaging

You'll have rapid access to all the imaging techniques we may need to assist with the diagnosis of your knee injury & condition

Treatment FAQs, your questions answered

Treatment FAQs

Here are some of our knee specialists’ most frequently asked questions for some of our most common procedures

 Coming In For Knee Treatment? Take A Look Around

What Will The Hospital Be Like?

Will your treatment involve a hospital stay? Coming in for knee treatment? Take a look around

Surgeon Visiting Patient After Knee Replacement Surgery

How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

Will your insurance pay? And do you need a referral?

Watch the Is My Knee Injury Serious video

Yorkshire Knee Clinic Videos

It’s much easier to understand what’s really happening inside the knee when you can see it for yourself

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You will always receive the best advice & most appropriate treatment from leading specialists in the area

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