Video remote consultation

Phone & Online Consultation: How It Works

You’re suffering knee pain. You want to see a knee specialist. But you’d prefer to do it in your own home, so you don’t have to travel, pay for parking or take too much time out of your day. A phone or video consultation with our knee surgeons makes that easy. Here’s how to arrange it.

1. Insured?

  Talk to your insurance provider
  Say that you would like to arrange a remote consultation with us. They will usually ask for a referral letter from your GP before they issue an authorisation code.

2. Insured or paying privately

  Call or email the knee surgeon of your choice using the details below:

Prof. Nick London
01423 369 119


Dave Duffy
07930 585 744 (Leeds)
07889 485 579 (Harrogate)


Jim Newman
01977 664 245
0113 388 2189 (Leeds Patients)



Do Phone Or Video Consultations Work?

Yes. You’d be surprised how thorough a phone or video consultation can be, although there are some natural limitations imposed by working remotely. If you have the choice of either phone or video, a video consultation would usually be more effective.

What Do I Need To Be Able To Have A Video Consultation?

You’ll need to have:

  Internet access
  Access to a camera on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC; and
  Access to Skype or Zoom

If you don’t have all of those, choose a phone consultation.

What Video Consulting Apps Do You Use?

We’ll complete your consultation over Skype or Zoom. Both are free to use.

What Will Happen After My Consultation?

Your consultation may give you all the information you need to alleviate your knee pain, but we may wish to carry out further diagnostic work such as a scan. Your consultant will explain what will happen next.

Our Surgeons

Prof. Nick London

Prof. Nick London

Specialist Knee Surgeon & Visiting Professor to Leeds Beckett University

“An excellent knee ­surgeon. He probably does as many partial knee replacements as anyone in the country.”

Click here to read the Daily Mail Good Doctors Guide

Dave Duffy

Dave Duffy

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon & District NHS Foundation Trust

“Mr Duffy is a wonderful knee surgeon but he’s a very approachable guy as well… That makes a huge difference.”

Jean Drake,
YKC patient.

James Newman

James Newman

Consultant Knee Surgeon at the Yorkshire Knee Clinic

“I had my operation seven weeks ago. I played two rounds of golf last week for the first time.”

Charles Turner,
YKC patient.

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