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Knee Injury? We’ll Get You Back To The Sport You Love, Safely.

England cricket captains. Professional football and rugby players. Elite athletes of all ages. They’ve all retuned to the highest level of competition thanks to the knee surgeons of Yorkshire Knee Clinic. But it’s not only professional athletes who benefit from our expertise.

When you make your living from sport, we know how important it is to get back onto the field, track, pitch or course. But sport can feel just as vital to every club triathlete, committed golfer or brand new couch to 5k-er, which is why you’ll enjoy just the same level of expert treatment, whatever your level.

So when knee injury stops you in your tracks, trust us to get you moving again.

Overcome Injury With YKC

Talk to the Yorkshire Knee Clinic specialist surgeons about your knee condition

Does My Injury Need Treatment?

Don’t be tempted to put up with the pain. Early diagnosis is vital to a full recovery…

Female athlete

Do I Need ACL Reconstruction?

An ACL tear is a common sporting injury and it can mean a long layoff. Here’s what you need to know.

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Why YKC?

YKC surgeons have years of experience treating a wide range of sporting knee injuries at all levels including elite professional.

The Road to Recovery

It’s not just getting back to your sport that matters. It’s getting back to the same level, whilst minimising future risks.



Talk to the Yorkshire Knee Clinic specialist surgeons about your knee condition

What Will Happen During My ACL Reconstruction?

The whole journey, from anaesthetic to recovery.


Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

After your operation, the hard work begins to put you back on track, pitch or court.

Knee surgery treatment

How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

Will your insurance pay? And do you need a referral?

“You’ve Saved My Career”

Yorkshire Knee Clinic patients talk about the difference their treatment has made.


“Nick… has saved my triathlete career.”

English triathlon champion John Simpson discusses his partial meniscectomy and chondroplasty with Nick London.

“I went in for a 50/50 challenge. It felt like my whole leg gave way.”

Rafael Task talks about his footballing injury and ACL reconstruction with Dave Duffy

“[ Jim ] Newman… is one of the best medical people I’ve ever met in my life.”

After 26 years of rock climbing, Anthony Malcom’s total knee replacement has ensured he’s still scaling the heights.


Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s consultants explore common issues and the latest research.



Football player's healthy knees

Which Sports Can You Safely Resume After Knee Replacement?

Will a knee replacement enable you to resume the sports and activities you loved before osteoarthritis struck? Nick London explains

Specialist knee surgeons will help you to speed up your recovery

Sports Injuries

Early diagnosis, collaboration & understanding to speed your recovery

Runner's knee

What’s The Problem With Runner’s Knee?

What’s the issue with a diagnosis of runner’s knee? Jim Newman explains.

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