Why Choose YKC?

The Yorkshire Knee Clinic

Discover what makes YKC the knee specialists for Yorkshire.

YKC is built on a simple philosophy: by building a team of clinicians with a particular focus on the knee, we are able to provide the highest level of specialised, state-of-the-art treatments – particularly for more complex knee problems.

Ours is a consultant-led approach. That matters, because it gives you the reassurance that you will always receive the best advice and most appropriate treatment from leading specialists in the area.

Partial Knee Replacements:
YKC Surgeons & National Average
Last 12 Months*


*Source: National Joint Registry

Partial Knee Replacements:
YKC vs National Average

National Av. By Surgeon

Total By 3 YKC Surgeons


*Source: National Joint Registry, 12 month profile pre-Covid-19

Total Knee Replacements:
YKC Surgeons & National Average
3 Years

*Source: National Joint Registry

More Knee Replacements Than Almost Anyone Else

How many partial knee replacements do you think most knee surgeons perform each year? According the National Joint Registry, the single most commonly reported number is just 1. The total pre-Covid 12 month average for all knee surgeons was just 18.

Together, the 3 YKC knee surgeons performed 274.

Elite Sports Expertise

Former England cricket captains, top football clubs, professional rugby league stars and committed athletes of all ages and all levels of sporting achievement choose Yorkshire Knee Clinic.

Whether sport is your living, your life or both, we’ll help ensure you return to the levels you achieved pre-injury.

Knee Specialism

As our name suggests, Yorkshire Knee Clinic has just one area of focus.

That means you can access unrivalled expertise across the whole spectrum of knee ailments: from sports injuries to arthritis, from arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) and ligament reconstruction to the full complement of knee replacement options.

Helping To Develop The Science

The science of orthopaedics is constantly advancing.

Yorkshire Knee Clinic surgeons are at the heart of research: from the clinical and cost effectiveness of partial knee replacement to reducing the numbers of devastating injuries in young athletes (with Leeds Beckett University).

Contact Your Specialist Knee Surgeon

Prof. Nick London

Prof. Nick London

Private appointments weekly at The Duchy Hospital Harrogate & Nuffield Hospital Leeds

Private Secretary

Lou Nellies
01423 369 119

Email Nick



Dave Duffy

Dave Duffy

Private appointments weekly at The Duchy Hospital Harrogate & Nuffield Hospital Leeds

Private Secretaries

Amanda Hardy
The Duchy Hospital Harrogate
07889 485 579

Lauren Long
Nuffield Leeds
07930 585 744


Email Dave


James Newman

James Newman

Private appointments weekly at Spire Methley Park Hospital

Private Secretary

Sera Robertson
Spire Methley Park
01977 664 230

Self Pay: 01977 664 245
Insured: 01977 664 234

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