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Knee pain can be many things: sometimes worrying or irritating, sometimes debilitating and life- changing. Whatever the cause and severity of your knee pain, Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s specialists can help.

On these pages, you’ll find information about common (and some less common) knee conditions and treatments. If you’d like to discuss your knee pain,

Anatomy of the Knee

Anatomy Of The Knee

Your knee has a lot of work to do. It’s a flexible yet load-bearing hinge that has to cope with a lifetime of activity. Here’s how it does it

ACL injuries effectively treated at Yorkshire Knee Clinic

ACL Injuries

Your anterior cruciate ligament keeps your knee stable, especially when you twist, turn or side-step. Which is why it’s so important in sport, & so frequently injured

Our knee specialists can diagnosis osteoarthritis from the typical symptoms of this condition


Living in constant pain can stop you doing the things you love. But we can help. Find out more about osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis & knee replacement

Available treatment for the Joint Surface Problem knee condition

Joint Surface Problems

Injuries to the cartilage or bone can create problems for the joint surface. Explore them here

Talk to us about treatment for your knee cap problem

Knee Cap Problems

Patella problems can lead to pain or a feeling of instability, & there are several potential causes & treatments. Find out more about them all.

Meniscal tear knee injury diagnosis & treatment available at Yorkshire Knee Clinic

Meniscal Cartilage Injuries

The ‘shock absorbers of the knee perform an important role. But what happens when you tear a meniscus – & how do you treat it?

Athlete with tendinitis knee condition

Tendinitis & Overuse Injuries

From Osgood-Schlatter disease to Bursitis & Baker’s cysts, find out more about knee conditions typically aggravated by running, jumping & general overuse

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Other Knee Ligament Injuries

The ACL may be the most well known, but it’s far from the only ligament of the knee that can present problems. Discover more about the MCL, PCL & complex ligament injuries

Knee replacement x-ray

Can I Have A Knee Replacement?

What’s the difference between a total & partial knee replacement? And is either right for you?

Keyhole surgery knee operation

Knee Arthroscopy

You might know it better as ‘keyhole’ knee surgery. But when might it be appropriate for you, & what happens during a knee arthroscopy?

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