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Suffered a knee injury? The very best thing you can do to aid a swift recovery is to call your knee specialist, fast.

Autumn heralds a notable turning point in the knee injury year. Running, cricket, gardening and watersport-based knee injuries diminish. Football, hiking and climbing injuries increase. And within a few short weeks, Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s appointment sheets will start to fill with skiers and snowboarders.

Whatever the extent of the injury, and whatever the activity that caused/contributed to it, there is one element that’s common to every knee injury: a faster more successful recovery starts with a swift diagnosis.

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It’s true that not every knee injury is immediately apparent. It’s entirely possible, especially in younger people, to tear a meniscus, for example, and not notice the effects for a few days. But the rule of thumb once you do spot a problem is simple. Don’t wait. Don’t ‘put up with it’. And don’t assume it will heal on its own, because whilst it may be the case that rest and a little time could be all the treatment your knee requires, it may also be that every day’s delay means treatment is less effective or recovery takes longer.

For new knee injury enquiries in Wakefield, Dewsbury, Pontefract, York, Harrogate and Leeds, talk to Yorkshire Knee Clinic. Our knee consultants, Nick London, Dave Duffy and James Newman, hold private surgeries weekly in Leeds and Harrogate.

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