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Many sports related knee injuries occur at the weekend (or during the previous week’s skiing!) and present to GPs on Mondays. The Yorkshire Knee Clinic is now able to offer a private acute injuries clinic on Mondays (or Tuesdays) with dedicated acute appointment slots available for such patients. The service will commence on February 23rd 2009.

The Yorkshire Knee Clinic is pleased to offer early diagnosis and treatment advice for patients with acute knee injuries. This service will comprise:

  • Urgent clinical assessment (by Specialist Knee Surgeons)
  • Rapid-access imaging by dedicated musculo-skeletal Radiologists
  • Onward referral (where necessary) to experienced sports Physiotherapists



The aim of the service is to support primary care colleagues and regional physiotherapists by rapid assessment, diagnosis and therefore timely and efficient treatment advice by specialists in knee injuries.



Knee injuries are common but can be difficult to accurately diagnose especially in the acute stage. Whilst many injuries require only advice and appropriate rehabilitation, some significant injuries can be overlooked especially in a busy Emergency Department. Diagnostic/treatment delays can be frustrating to the patient and occasionally can adversely affect outcome.



This service is offered to insured or ‘self-pay’ private patients who have sustained a sports/skiing injury within 7 days prior to the referral and is an alternative to a direct A&E referral/visit.



The majority of knee sports injuries occur at the weekend (or previous week’s skiing!) and present on Mondays. The Yorkshire Knee Clinic has a dedicated acute appointment slots available on Mondays (or Tuesdays) for such patients.



Gillian Crossley on 01423 564903 for urgent appointments.

Elaine Ingham on 0800 0234366 for other enquires.

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