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  • Tommy Davis Case Study

    My Knee Surgery

    Tommy Davis
    Treated by: Jim Newman
    Procedure: Partial knee replacement

    “The communication, getting in touch with the hospital, the operation – everything went with flying colours. I really can’t believe how well I’m doing.”

    Just two weeks after his partial knee replacement, we catch up with Tommy Davis to see how he’s doing.

    You can’t keep Tommy Davis from his golf. Just two days after his partial knee replacement, Tommy was out in the garden practising his chipping. Less than two weeks after his operation he was at the driving range. But without the operation, Tommy was concerned that he’d have had to give up the game he loves entirely.

    “When I was in my 30s my cruciate ligament snapped while I was playing football,” he recalls. “I should really have had it repaired then but I was a contractor and I couldn’t take the time off.”

    Getting away with it

    During the following years, Tommy compensated for the injury, placing greater stress on the inside of his knee which gradually wore the cartilage away until only bone on bone remained. He’d had a number of treatments to address matters including, around four years ago, an ACL reconstruction by Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s Jim Newman, but whilst that helped straighten the leg and return function, the damage to the knee was already done.

    Two years ago, Tommy returned to Jim, who advised that a ‘half knee’ replacement was the only realistic option to resolve the pain.

    “I’d just changed jobs so it really wasn’t the ideal time to be going off and having surgery,” explains Tommy, who also had the matter of two year NHS waiting list to negotiate. “Jim made me an offloader brace that enabled me to continue working and playing golf. Once the brace started to fail, he said, I’d need the half knee replacement.”

    For two years Tommy “got away with it”. But for someone who had always been first down the fairway, he knew that as he slowed down and fell further back, the time for the operation was drawing closer.

    Fortunately, Jim had kept Tommy’s case open so as the burning pain in Tommy’s knee grew more severe, an opportunity for the operation appeared.

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    “I had a spinal block and it was fine,” Tommy explains. “They put earphones on me and I took them off again because I wanted to hear what was going on. I was even trying to see what was happening in the reflection on the theatre lamps. Jim worked fast and was very thorough. I’m convinced that’s why my recovery has been so fast because there was less trauma. I was done in about 70 minutes.”

    Prior to his operation Tommy had been fitted for a walking frame, but back in bed post-op, Tommy said he’d prefer to go straight to sticks. “I felt buzzing. They tested me out and I could walk down the corridor and do steps and go in the shower. I felt absolutely fine – brilliant!”

    Lashing out

    “Before I went to sleep I put the sides up on the bed because I’m not used to a single bed and didn’t want to roll over and fall out. I must have been dreaming because I lashed out and cracked the side of the bed full on with my knee.” Unsurprisingly, Tommy awoke with a wince: “I thought ‘oh no, we’re in a bit of trouble here’. I went to see the nurse and said I thought I’d need an anti-inflammatory – but when I woke next day it was fine.”

    Back in the swing

    Tommy was back home next day and back in the garden, sand wedge in hand, the day after. “I was practising chipping round the garden and I sent Mr Newman a video of what I was doing. I think he was quite surprised and he did urge caution, but I really felt fine. I wasn’t taking any painkillers and I did take my physio’s advice to ice the knee after exercise.”

    Now just two weeks after the operation, Tommy is delighted with the results. “It couldn’t have gone better. The communication, getting in touch with the hospital, the operation – everything went with flying colours. I really can’t believe how well I’m doing.

    “A good friend of mine, who’s the same age as me, had his operation done four weeks prior to mine (by a different knee surgeon) and he’s not walking as well as I am.

    “Getting downstairs is still a bit of a challenge but I’ve only had the staples out for a couple of days and I’m told that’s standard. Honestly, if you were to tell me I hadn’t actually had an implant I’d believe you – it just doesn’t feel as though there’s anything metal in there.”

    To speak to Jim Newman, or our team about your knee consultation, please contact us.

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