Yorkshire Knee Clinic at the Excel, London

More than 7,000 delegates at a large European Orthopaedic Conference held recently in London heard about new treatments for medial osteoarthritis (OA) from Yorkshire Knee Clinic surgeon Nick London.

Nick was one of the invited speakers at the prestigious European Orthopaedic Conference staged at the ExCel in East London and one of six European knee experts who debated treatment options for young patients with severe OA of the knee.

One topic under discussion was the early results of the KineSpring load absorber – a promising new treatment for medial osteoarthritis (OA).

Nick said: “In my opinion the KineSpring option can reduce pain and improve function in the knee without reducing the potential success of future partial or total knee replacement surgery.

In addition, Nick also took part in a debate and supported the increased use of partial knee replacement to improve patient outcomes and delay total knee replacement.

Other talks included Nick’s early experience of the Persona knee replacement (Zimmer), which has superseded the NexGen knee which National Registry and PROMS data suggest has become the world’s most successful knee replacement implant over the last 10-15 yrs.

“The Persona is a development from the NexGen and one which I believe offers advantages in terms of instrumentation and shape as we strive to improve patient outcomes even further,” he added.

Nick also talked of ten years of success with the Zimmer Uni-knee replacement (ZUK).

“This ‘fixed-bearing’ partial knee replacement out-performs the more popular ‘mobile-bearing’ implant in our National Joint Registry (and the more complete registries from Sweden and Australia). I have seen excellent performance in my patients using this ‘partial’ knee replacement implant and perform large numbers of uni-knee replacements, up to 80 each year, which represents 25-30% of my knee replacements overall.”

Patient-specific Instrumentation (PSI) for the Zimmer Uni-knee replacement (ZUK) is a technique that has been designed to assist surgeons when performing uni-knee replacement surgery and one that Nick says may prove valuable to improve patient outcomes.

“My talk was supported by evidence we presented at the congress, which demonstrated excellent early outcomes and accuracy using the technique in a study of our patients. I was one of a team of surgeons from Europe, Australia and the USA who helped to develop the procedure with Zimmer.”

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