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The Persona Partial Knee (PPK) implant we use in our partial knee replacements has just achieved its first ODEP rating – and with a 3A* it couldn’t have done any better. Nick London explains what makes the PPK his implant of choice for partial knee replacements, and what the rating means for patients.


What is an ODEP rating?

ODEP is the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel. It is an independent panel of UK surgeons and non-clinical orthopaedic specialists which reviews all orthopaedic implants used in hip and knee replacements.

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What does a ODEP 3A* rating mean?

The panel wants to see evidence that any implant used keeps performing over time. The first milestone is after three years’ worth of evidence. At that point the panel will review performance data and award the implant a rating. A 3A* rating means that the review has reached the year 3 evidence milestone. A* is an indication that the level of evidence supplied is very strong and that the revision rate (number of failed implants) is very low.

So 3A* is the highest possible performance score. You can view the rating here.

Further reviews take place once there are 5, 7 and 10 years’ worth of evidence.


What implant were you using before the PPK?

We’ve been using the Persona Partial Knee implant since 2017 but the latest generation of the implant builds on technology I’ve been using for 20 years. The first implant, the Zimmer MG Uni, is a sort of grandparent of the current PPK and demonstrated very good long-term results. For approximately 10 years from 2007 I implanted the successor knee (Zimmer Uni Knee) designed by the same company which has an ODEP 10A* rating and even better long-term results. We commenced surgery using the latest partial knee implant (designed by Zimmer Biomet) approximately 4 years ago. We believe that this implant will be even more successful and the early results support that view.

As with any piece of technology, improvements take place over time. The latest PPK implant has been designed to improve shape matching of the implants to try and ensure the best possible fit for every patient. Each of the implant’s three components (the two metal implants that sit over the bone surfaces and the plastic bearing that sits between them) can be independently sized.


What difference does the ODEP rating make to patients?

It’s fair to say I very rarely have a conversation with a patient who has chosen Yorkshire Knee Clinic because we use the PPK implant (although many seek treatment from ourselves due to our knee replacement reputation and experience). It is, however, quite common (and entirely reasonable) for patients to ask which implant we will be using.

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Often, they will have done their research and they will know that the partial knee replacement implants used most frequently are the PPK or ZUK, which are fixed bearing implants, and the Oxford Partial Knee, which uses a mobile bearing.

Yorkshire Knee Clinic favours – and uses – fixed-bearing implants which we believe offer both excellent functional outcomes and low risk of implant failure and in our opinion the implant most likely to achieve the best of these is the Persona Partial Knee.

In my opinion, the PPK is achieving the best implant survival data of any knee so far with excellent outcome scores in a range of studies, including outcome data gathered during our own use of the implant which we have presented to the European Knee Society.

For patients, that’s good news, because it means they can place a lot of confidence in their knee, feeling secure in the knowledge that it will usually not only help resolve the pain they have been experiencing, but also that it is a real solution for the long term.

It is important to state that Nick London is one of a group of approx. 10 surgeons from across the world who were involved in the design of the Persona Partial Knee working with Zimmer Biomet and as such has a conflict of interest.

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