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  • Jean Drake Case Study

    My Knee Surgery…

    Jean Drake
    Treated by: Dave Duffy
    Procedure: Partial knee replacement

    “Mr Duffy is a wonderful knee surgeon but he’s a very approachable guy as well… That makes a huge difference.”

    For 18 months, Jean Drake had known she needed treatment on her knee. “It kept giving way,” she explains. “I couldn’t walk downstairs and I couldn’t walk very far. I should have seen my GP earlier but I kept putting it off.”

    Eventually, Jean couldn’t put it off any longer and she made an appointment to see her GP who referred her on to knee specialist, Dave Duffy.

    “Mr Duffy was very positive about the operation,” Jean continues. “He and his assistant were so very kind and approachable. They explained the operation in detail and forewarned me that it would be painful afterwards but said that things would get much easier after three weeks or so.”

    Within three weeks, Jean had had the operation and was back out of hospital. “Recovery did hurt,” she confesses. “I’ve had a hip replacement before and the knee was more painful. Doing my exercises was hard, but I knew mobilising early was important so I had to keep at it.”

    “I’m really not concerned about anything – it’s wonderful”

    As promised, however, by the end of her third week things were starting to improve, and the improvement has been rapid since. “After a month, things were much improved,” Jean says. “Since then I’ve kept doing my exercises and walking round the block, and I’m now able to manage steps, stairs and inclines easily.”

    Now just eight weeks after the operation, complete rehabilitation is still a few months away but Jean couldn’t be more delighted with the results of her partial knee replacement.

    “The knee is still a little stiff when I get up in the morning, and there’s the occasional moment of discomfort, but generally it’s great. The only thing I’m not doing yet is kneeling down and there’s a bit of swelling which Mr Duffy tells me could last a few months. But I’m really not concerned about anything – it’s wonderful.

    “We live in an apartment and there are a few people here who are having knee pain. I keep telling them to get it done by Mr Duffy.

    “In every way, Mr Duffy is wonderful surgeon but he’s a very approachable guy as well. He’s also very kind, and that makes a huge difference.

    “He came very highly recommended to me and I would recommend him to anyone.”

    To speak to Dave Duffy about your knee pain, please contact us.