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A partial knee replacement carried out by Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s Professor Nick London has given one retired nurse a new lease of life, and made the pages of the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Carol Thornton, from Horsforth, told the Post that osteoarthritis had left her in agony. Walking was extremely painful and she’d had to give up her favourite pastime, swimming.

“My quality of life was severely compromised,” she told the newspaper.


Carol began researching knee surgeons who could help her regain pain-free mobility, and she settled on Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s Prof. Nick London. Nick completed the operation at Nuffield Hospital Leeds and Carol was able to set aside her crutches (and painkillers) a week later. Now fully recovered, Carol has been able to resume walking and swimming and has lost weight too.

She’s thrilled with the results, saying the operation has made her feel “part of the world again.”

“I’m delighted to see Carol’s progress,” said Nick, “but it’s worth stressing that these sorts of results are absolutely typical for the majority of our partial knee replacement patients. Most patients will tell us that their knee feels almost or completely normal, and it’s wonderful to see them resuming activities that, in many cases, they’ve been unable to enjoy for some years.”

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The article ran in print editions of the YEP, and you can see the article in Leeds Nuffield’s tweet.


The knee replacement that isn’t a knee replacement

Despite the name most commonly used for the procedure, Nick and his Yorkshire Knee Clinic colleagues are keen to stress that a ‘knee replacement’ is actually nothing of the sort.

“We speak with patients virtually every week who express some anxiety about the concept of ‘replacement’,” Nick explained.


“The reality, however, is that we are not swapping out joints and bones. A knee replacement is a resurfacing exercise, where we recoat the worn ends of the bones in the knee using metal components with a plastic bearing between. This prevents bone grinding on bone, which is the cause of osteoarthritic knee pain.”


The partial knee replacement specialists

Partial knee replacements, as opposed to total knee replacements, are the better option for many patients, yet the procedure is used in only 9% of cases – a result of the relative lack of experience among UK surgeons. The four knee surgeons of Yorkshire Knee Clinic, however, each perform high volumes of partial knee replacements. In fact, so few knee surgeons perform 50+ partial knee replacements each year that the surgeons of Yorkshire Knee Clinic now represent 10% of all those in England and Wales who do.


If, like Carol, you are finding that knee pain is preventing you from taking part in the activities you love, talk to the knee surgeons of Yorkshire Knee Clinic on 03453 052 579.

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