PPK Launch Symposium Rome

If you’ve ever wondered what the point of a medical product launch is, a recent event in Rome for the Persona® Partial Knee might help shed some light…

Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s Nick London and James Newman were in Rome recently for the launch of the Persona Partial Knee (PPK) replacement. It’s a major advance in knee implants which offers better shape matching; new, longer lasting bearings, reduced wear and new instrumentation. You can find out more about the PPK here.


The 2 day event brought together around 200 invited knee surgeons from across Europe, including 40 or so from the UK.


Educating Europe

The launch is effectively a large educational event, introducing invitees to the new concept and design, then exploring its benefits, evaluation results, the philosophy behind the design and the surgical process. This takes place over a series of lectures, expert panels and meetings with evaluating surgeons, that is, surgeons who have been implanting the new partial knee but are independent from the design team.


Persona® Partial Knee


Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s knee surgeons were at the event because Nick London was heavily involved in the design of the new implant and its testing. Already, Nick has implanted around 70 new Persona Partial Knees as part of his work at Yorkshire Knee Clinic, and enrolled around 40 patients into a worldwide monitoring scheme.

Nick gave numerous lectures at the Rome event: one exploring the rationale behind the new partial knee replacement, and one on the National Joint Registry for England and Wales and patient reported data.

Additionally, Nick presented data on an initiative known as Beyond Compliance, which enables new implants to be introduced into England and Wales with much closer and more detailed assessment in the first 3-4 years. PPK will also be enrolled in Beyond Compliance, and its results followed closely over the next few years.

As the Rome event demonstrated, a medical product launch is not the glitzy, spectacular affair usually associated with the technology or automotive sectors. A medical launch like that for the Persona Partial Knee, is driven by information, patient care and medical standards.

It’s effectively the starting point for the next incremental advance in medical science, and Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s knee surgeons remain at the forefront of design and testing of new knee treatments and implants.

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Prof. Nick London

Prof. Nick London

Specialist Knee Surgeon & Visiting Professor to Leeds Beckett University

“An excellent knee ­surgeon. He probably does as many partial knee replacements as anyone in the country.”

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James Newman

James Newman

Consultant Knee Surgeon at the Yorkshire Knee Clinic

“I had my operation seven weeks ago. I played two rounds of golf last week for the first time.”

Charles Turner,
YKC patient.

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