Meniscal Tear

What does a torn meniscus really look like? And how do you repair it? Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s Dave Duffy takes a fascinating look at the knee’s shock absorbers.

How Do Knee Surgeons Treat Meniscal Tears?

If you’ve ever torn your meniscus you might have felt it locking. It may have made the knee difficult to straighten. You might have experienced a sort of popping sensation. But what’s really happening inside the knee?

In this short (2m28s) video, Dave Duffy takes a camera into a meniscus procedure, to demonstrate exactly what happens during the process.

Notes for the squeamish: This video features footage from an operation.

There is no blood – because the meniscus doesn’t have its own blood supply. All you’ll see are the off-white cartilages of the tibia and femur, and the meniscus itself.
The video also includes the cutting of a torn piece of the meniscus and the shaving of loose pieces of meniscus. Again, this is all blood-free.

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Meniscal Tears

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