Robot Assisted Knee Replacement

Robot Assisted Knee Replacement at YKC

Nick London Stood with ROSA Robot

The ROSA Knee System – Now Available at YKC

What is robot assisted surgery?

The ROSA robot is designed to assist our knee surgeons achieve improved alignment and positioning of knee replacement implants in the small percentage of patients at greater risk of less-than-perfect alignment using conventional surgery.

The robot is a tool to help the knee surgeon. It does not perform the surgery itself.

Why choose a robot assisted knee replacement at YKC?

Every knee replacement involves an implant. The ROSA robot is designed to operate with a specific type of implant, one developed by the robot’s manufacturer, Zimmer Biomet. Fortunately, every YKC knee surgeon has been using Zimmer Biomet implants in their knee replacements for years (and in some cases decades).

The result? Less risk and greater satisfaction from one of the best performing implants on the market.

Dave Duffy Stood with ROSA Robot
Zimmer Biomet ROSA Robots

Can every patient benefit from robot assisted surgery?

In many cases, we would continue to advocate conventional surgery as the lowest risk of two low risk options.

But there is a small but significant group of patients who may benefit from the advantages the ROSA robot brings. Determining what’s right for you requires a balanced and honest discussion.

We may recommend consideration of the use of the ROSA system if:

  • You are a younger patient
  • You have a BMI of 30 or above
  • You have significant pre-existing joint deformities including deformities as a result of osteoarthritis
  • You have healed fractures above or below the knee
  • You have issues affecting the hip or ankle

Who chooses whether I can have robot assisted knee replacement?

You do. But as knee surgeons with thousands of successful knee replacements between us, we’ll always have a balanced and honest discussion with you about the right treatment options before you make that decision.

Will my insurance cover robot assistance?

Generally yes. If your insurer will cover the cost of your knee replacement, they will usually cover the cost of a robot assisted knee replacement too.

If a robot is doing my knee surgery, why do I need a knee surgeon?

The ROSA robot is designed to assist the knee surgeon. It does not perform surgery. It does not cut, implant or stitch. It is effectively a tool like any other – a tool designed to ensure your implant is perfectly aligned. Like any other tool, it needs the knee surgeon’s expertise and experience to know when and how to use it most effectively.

How much does a robot assisted knee replacement cost?

If you are paying for your knee replacement yourself, you can expect the ROSA system to add approximately 10% to the cost of conventional surgery.

Find more about fees, health insurance and appointments here.

What are the risks of robot assisted surgery?

Evidence suggests there is no significant increase in the risk presented by robot assisted surgery, although potential risks remain. These include:


  • Time in surgery: Robot assisted surgery doesn’t take much longer than conventional surgery – but the additional 10-20 minutes means more anaesthetic has to be delivered which does bring a slight increase in risk.
  • Risk of infection: We place pins in the leg to help the robot locate the bones. That brings a slight increase in the risk of complications, particularly infection.
  • Robot error: An extremely small risk, and one that can be removed by choosing an experienced knee surgeon with the skill and experience to know if a robot is trying to guide them in the wrong direction.
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