GP Talking to Patient About Knee Surgery

You may have private health insurance. You may wish to contact us direct. But if you want to see a knee specialist, don’t you have to see your GP first?

There’s a short and simple answer to this question: no. At Yorkshire Knee Clinic we don’t insist on GP referral, but there is a little more to it than that…

The issue of whether you need a referral may be taken out of your (and our) hands. If you want to see a private knee consultant and your medical insurance company will be footing the bill, they may insist on GP referral. Others are slightly more relaxed, perhaps requiring referral by GP or physiotherapist. Other insurers may have no such requirement.

Yet even in the instances where you don’t need GP referral, we will usually liaise with your GP, assuming you give us permission to do so.

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We’ll do this for numerous reasons:

  • So your GP can tell us about medical conditions and medications we need to be aware of
  • So that we can tell your GP, usually by letter, that you have commenced treatment at our knee clinic;
  • As a courtesy, because whilst you don’t need a GP referral to see us, we would always encourage visiting your GP first. That’s because, whoever you see about your knee pain, the initial response is likely to be similar. Before any knee consultant recommends an operation, they will first recommend pain relief, changes in behaviour, physiotherapy, weight loss and other non-invasive treatments. Your GP will do the same

Of course, there are other reasons patients may choose to talk to the knee surgeons at Yorkshire Knee Clinic first, not least that they can often reduce the wait for an appointment. If you wish to see us privately, you can, and that will certainly help take a little of the load off busy GPs and make your own care pathway simpler.

Even then, we will maintain communication throughout your care, informing your GP about any change of treatment, recovery and discharge.

If you’d like to find out more about how best to arrange your knee treatment, contact us.

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