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  • Category Archives: Knee Surgery

    The MCL or ‘Medial Collateral Ligament’ is a strong ligament found on the inside of the knee. In a normal knee the ligament prevents abnormal side to side movement. The MCL is commonly injured during contact sports such as rugby or football. The classic injury is another playing making heavy contact to the knee whenContinue Reading

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    ME AND MY OPERATION: Tiny cushion in your knee that helps you avoid drastic surgery A new cartilage patch means patients with arthritis can avoid a total knee replacement. John Cronin, 65, an airline sales agent from East Preston, West Sussex, had the operation, as he tells CAROL DAVIS. THE PATIENT Because we live closeContinue Reading

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    Primary and Revision Knee Masterclass. Oslo, Norway. May 22-23, 2014 View programme for Primary and Revision Knee Masterclass

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    On Wednesday 27th April, Nick London performed his first Patient Specific Instrumention (Trumatch) Knee Replacement. This will now be offered to patients requiring a knee replacement. A feature on the Patient Specific Instrumention (Trumatch) Knee Replacement will appear on the Yorkshire Knee Clinic website in the next few weeks.

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    Stuart Calder took part in an evening education meeting at the Spire Hospital, Leeds, on 16th March 2011. This was a session for General Preactitioners, a refesher course on orthopaedic examination techniques. Stuart taught, not surprisingly, on the knee, using a very patient volunteer! It was a lively and useful session for all involved. InContinue Reading

    Stuart Calder convened the 7th annual Leeds Knee Arthroscopy Course on 9th March. The course teaches young surgeons, from all over the UK, about arthroscopic knee surgery and the basics of ACL reconstruction, using lectures, demos and surgical knee models. On the 10th March there was a shoulder arthroscopy day. On the 11th March StuartContinue Reading

    Many sports related knee injuries occur at the weekend (or during the previous week’s skiing!) and present to GPs on Mondays. The Yorkshire Knee Clinic is now able to offer a private acute injuries clinic on Mondays (or Tuesdays) with dedicated acute appointment slots available for such patients. The service will commence on February 23rdContinue Reading

    Nick London, specialist knee surgeon at Harrogate NHS Trust and the Yorkshire Knee Clinic, explains why women need their own special type of knee replacement In the early days, knee replacement used to be the last resort for people with severe knee pain and difficulty in walking. However over the last ten years they haveContinue Reading

    Nick London and Stuart Calder, surgeons at the Yorkshire Knee Clinic, look at the risks posed by the annual winter sports season. Over the next few weeks, thousands of people from Yorkshire will be heading for the ski slopes. Many will hobble home with badly damaged knees, victims of the so-called half-term syndrome. Knee injuriesContinue Reading

    TRADITIONAL surgery for damaged knee cartilage doesn’t always work, but a new treatment replaces damaged tissue with cartilage harvested from elsewhere in the knee. Peter Dodds, 37, from Driffield, East Yorkshire, talks to ANGELABROOKS about his experience, while his surgeon explains the procedure.. As I run a roofing company, I’m up ladders carrying out roofContinue Reading

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