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  • May 12

    Why do we not advocate experimental knee treatments?

    Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s consultants specialise in diagnosing, managing and treating knee injuries, arthritis and other knee problems. We continually assess and reassess the latest developments in knee surgery, incorporating them into our work as they become clinically proven.

    We’re regularly involved, directly or indirectly, in new research. And we’re always happy to discuss the latest treatments and techniques that may benefit your particular condition.

    So why, given all of that, do we draw a line in the sand when it comes to experimental treatments?

    If a new but clinically unproven technique, drug or treatment could offer a solution that other established options do not, why not offer it?

    The answer is simply that all of Yorkshire Knee Clinic’s surgeons have taken the decision not to offer any techniques or treatments unless and until they are clinically proven, or at the very least part of a recognised clinical research trial.

    Right now, there are a range of knee treatments that remain classified as varying levels of ‘experimental’. They include ‘anatomic’ ACL reconstruction, chondrocyte implantation (cell therapy) and meniscal (cartilage) transplantation/substitution surgeries. In time, each of these may be a proven form of knee surgery and each may become part of our offered services. But not yet.

    Despite sometimes irresponsible media attention about the latest advances, it isn’t fashion, the media or anything else that convinces us to adopt the techniques our knee doctors apply. It is empirical clinical evidence.

    If you are suffering from arthritis, or have had a knee injury, arrange a consultation with one of our knee specialists now. You can contact us here.

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