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  • Overuse Injuries

    There are some conditions affecting the knee, which are
    related to repetitive injury (overuse). These involve
    the tendons and ligaments crossing the knee joint and
    are either usually caused by local inflammation. Often
    they respond to activity modification (rest) and
    physiotherapy rehabilitation but they can progress and
    occasionally require surgical treatment.

    Patellar Tendonitis (‘Jumper’s Knee’)

    This normally develops as an ache (or occasionally sharp) discomfort at the front of the knee just below the knee cap. It can increase in severity to become severely debilitating or simply remain as an ache affecting the enjoyment of sporting activity. Early diagnosis is important, as appropriate physiotherapy rehabilitation is often sufficient to cure the condition. In severe cases where an appropriate physiotherapy regime has failed to settle the symptoms, surgery may be advised to help settle the symptoms and allow earlier return to activities.

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    Quadriceps Tendonitis

    This is a similar condition to patella tendonitis (above) but occurs at the quadriceps tendon insertion into the top of the knee cap. It also usually responds to appropriate physiotherapy rehabilitation exercises.

    Iliotibial band (ITB) Friction Syndrome

    This condition is common in runners and other similar repetitive activities (walking, cycling etc.). It is often triggered by an increase in activity duration or severity. It presents with pain during and for a day or two after activity and is felt on the outside of the knee sometimes with swelling. It is important to ensure that the pain is not being caused by a lateral cartilage tear. Sports physiotherapists normally manage initial treatment once a clear diagnosis has been made, although occasionally surgical treatment may be required.

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    Osteoarthritis (wear) and Anterior Knee Pain

    Wear in the knee usually presents as aching pain with or following activities and can be mistaken for other overuse conditions. Knee OA normally is associated with swelling of the knee joint and/or stiffness. Wear in the patello-femoral joint is associated with activities involving repetitive jumping (eg. netball, basketball, martial arts) or hill/fell running. It presents with pain at the front of the knee sometimes with catching feelings.

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    There are small sacs of fluid around the knee that allow skin or muscles to glide over other structures. These sometime become inflamed causing pain and swelling. Occasionally (particularly over the knee cap) these can become infected causing severe pain, redness and swelling. In this situation urgent medical attention is advised. Other bursal swellings usually cause pain only which respond to simple treatments. Swelling within the knee (effusion) can present as a fullness or swelling in the back of the knee. This is commonly called a ‘Baker’s cyst’ and usually requires treatment of the underlying reason for the swelling to reduce it’s size and effects.

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