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  • Jun 6

    Partial Knee Replacement = Ligament-preserving knee resurfacing

    Modern knee replacement surgery (in reality a resurfacing operation) has achieved phenomenal success in terms of restoring patients’ quality of life. If you suffer severe knee pain and are unable to continue enjoying normal activities, knee replacement/resurfacing can offer pain relief and a return to most activities.

    Partial knee resurfacing (replacement) offers even better results than total replacement. Previously, this treatment was felt to be suitable for only a small proportion of patients, but excellent results in large numbers (Yorkshire Knee Clinic has now performed more than 2,000 such treatments) have meant that up to half of all knee replacement patients may now be suitable for this bone and ligament-saving surgery.

    The clear majority of patients who receive a partial knee resurfacing operation (known as ‘uni-compartment knee replacement’) experience far higher function in the knee. Patients typically describe the knees as feeling normal (or near normal) and many return to activities including golf, tennis and even skiing. The risks of major complications (such as infection and blood clots) have been shown to be less than half that of total knee replacement surgery.

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    At the Yorkshire Knee Clinic, knee-resurfacing patients of all ages (40s to 90s) enjoy excellent long-term results far greater than the national average. We believe that “fixed-bearing” partial knee implants offer a greater chance of long-term relief from pain, and a return to activities. The opinion of our knee consultants is supported by our own extensive data and by data from the National Joint Registries of the UK and many other countries.

    Partial knee implants are not suitable for all patients due to severe wear in other compartments of the knee. In such circumstances, total knee replacement (resurfacing) can still offer impressive results in terms of pain relief and return to activities.

    Although most people enjoy great results from this surgery, there are some (<5% in YKC patients) who continue to experience significant discomfort following knee replacement and a small percentage (<2% in YKC patients) who can experience major complications including infection and blood clots. If you would like to know more about this, please talk to us.

    If you are suffering severe knee pain due to wear (arthritis), seek the advice of a knee specialist before your quality of life is badly affected. All Yorkshire Knee Clinic surgeons are specialist knee surgeons with extensive experience in the management of all knee conditions. Please contact us here.

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